25 Day Chocolate Experience 2023 Holiday Season

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Your 25 Day Chocolate Experience!  It's basically a Choose Your Own Adventure of chocolate!  We ask all our customers "how do you enjoy your Advent Calendar?"  And so many of you said - all at once, in just a few days, share with partner/family member, and more.  So, this year you can choose how to enjoy it - day by day if you want, there's an insert in your box.  All at once - hey, we don't judge!  And that's why we renamed it - take it to the office party, holiday gathering, give it as a gift, all of these ways work and because you don't have to go day by day if you don't want to.

*** We sold out last year, so make sure to preorder so you don't miss out! ***

We are continuing on with doing the stuffed bars, mini bars, and truffles in the box because you have said you love them! It's almost double the amount of chocolate that we'd been able to offer in the past - oh my goodness! How?

Preorders are open now - we will start having them ready for delivery November 27th,  For PICK UP we will be at:

Daisy Chain Beaumont  November 23rd (Devoured Peeps get theirs on the 22nd)

Hand2Hand November 25th

Banff Xmas Market November 24-26th

Daisy Chain High Street November 22nd - 27th


When you check out you've got options for PICK UP or DELIVERY or SHIPPING - choose wisely!

We sold out last year, so make sure to preorder so you don't miss out!   Yes, we wrote this twice - it makes us sad when people miss out on delicious chocolate!


Also - this is your preorder, we make them fresh so asking us random questions about when it will be ready will get you a screenshot of the above info LOL LOL  No I'm serious!  :-)