Hello. Thank you so much for your business. Maybe you hear that a lot, but we really mean it!  


***Repeat customers, just skip ahead to ordering, "You're good!"

New customers. Please make sure you've filled out our Bulk Orders questionnaire so we can check with Colleen's schedule and workload. Go here first  ===>https://colleenschocolates.com/pages/inquires


Now, the way this works, is only these five flavours of bars on the BULK Collection page will be discounted in your cart. Your bulk order is automagically discounted 25% when your cart total reaches the minimum order of discounted bars to qualify ($200 at Bulk prices or $270 Retail).

PLEASE NOTE!!!: For now the easiest way to navigate the Bulk Collection is once you enter a bar flavour and how many of it you want, you will see the shopping cart slide into view. If you want more flavours, use the back button (or just swipe  the cart away) and then go back to the Bulk Collection page ( there are also arrows that say "Next" to move to another flavour).
(Right now, try not to use the "continue shopping" button because Shopify navigates to the home and it's and extra step to get you back to the BULK collections page. Sorry, we're working on a fix!! )***