I think everyone deserves incredibly well-crafted chocolate, don’t you? Now, more than ever! 


Hello Everyone! Isolation gotcha down? Well, heads up - there’s a fun new distraction in town. And the best thing about it – you can SHARE without worrying about “six feet of separation” because it’s the Colleen’s Chocolates “Better than just Virtual”™ online Chocolate Tasting Experience!  

Get ready for Colleen the Master Chocolatier to rock your isolation with Tips, Tricks and your Chocolate fix from her specially chosen Virtual Collection - delivered to your door then curated by Colleen herself through an online Zoom event.  We'll all gather to eat and talk chocolate together on the virtual platform!

All you need to do is grab some friends online (or your Isolation Buddy) and purchase a package. We will prepare and deliver the Tasting Packages to everyone ahead of time (see details on the product listing) and set everybody up with the Zoom link.

A virtual chocolate tasting event? How did this come about? Well as Colleen explains: I have been working with Superfoods for a decade now so I truly understand the nuances of putting together flavours that will make your mouth water and your taste buds beg for more. Don’t worry you are not going to get a mouth full of Maca or Kale. 

I have been wanting to bring my Superfoods experience and my chocolate bars to a wider audience for years now then this February when I had the chance to curate a small collection of bars for a select subscription group, it got me so revved up! Finally, I was getting back to my roots of being a "Superfood slinger”, but when was I going to have the time to follow up? Well, we can all thank COVID-19 as I want to use this unique opportunity to launch the world’s first online, virtual chocolate tasting event!

We’re going to have an evening of tasting, learning and trying new things that I hope will get you as excited as I am.

PLUS - a portion of the sales are being donated to CAWS (Companion Animal Welfare Society).  We absolutely love the work that they do and with my first career of 18 years working with animals, this is close to my heart.  Check them out here!