Devoured Chocolates

We know you love books and you love chocolate!  And, if you've had a chance to attend one of our Devoured events then you know how much we love to pair books and chocolates.  We've created a collection with some of our favourites for you to enjoy - and grab the book too if you haven't had a chance to experience them together!!

Mixed Fruit & Nut Rectangle paired with The Food Explorer by Daniel Stone.  This book is one of Colleen's most favourite books she's ever read!  It's all about food but you feel like you're in a fast paced world of travel, spies, discovery, and more all starting with the first food explorers in the 1880's!  The chocolate is our Signature Blend dark chocolate with almonds pistachios, tart cherries, candied citrus peel, candied pecans, candied crepes, and Maldon Flake salt!  


Spicy Peanut paired with any Louise Penny book!  This beloved series of mystery books by Canadian author Louise Penny are a total joy to read!  The setting, the characters, and of course the crime that needs to be solved by the incredibly poised and talented Inspector Gamache and his team along with help from the great citizens of Three Pines in Quebec.  Going out and enjoying food is important and so I thought about cozy eats at the cozy inn - and that lead me to peanuts, then spicy peanuts in a mixed of Caramelized chocolate and our Signature Blend dark chocolate - oh la la!


Turkish Delight, Pistachio, Tart Cherry paired with the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis.  What could be more perfect than Turkish delight - seriously it's one of my favourite things to eat!  But, of course the White Witch has plans for the children and Edmund is the perfect choice to bribe with as much Turkish delight as he can eat!  I added in the pistachios and cherries because they're awesome and this combo is a hit - trust me, even if you don't like Turkish Delight, this chocolate will delight you!


Strawberry and Balsamic paired with Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin - okay I am that person that had never read anything my Austin until last year.  And, I'm so glad I read this book - it's sassy and funny and an insightful glimpse into life during this point in history.  Things must be prim and proper at all times but also can we comment on the weirdness - you meet a man but only in the proper way and poof!  You're engaged to be married after 1 tea hahahah!  So, what's better than thinking of those little shortcakes with strawberries and balsamic vinegar - this heart truffle has a strawberry filling plus, freeze dried pieces of strawberries and little crunchy shortbread biscuits inside the shell.