Colleen's started Virtual Tastings - so book one now on the website!




Would you like a personalized event, planned and hosted by a Master Chocolatier? Well you're in luck because Colleen Heidecker does custom Tasting Events that you'll be sure to love. 



Chocolate Making! Chocolate Tasting! Chocolate + Wine Tasting!

Looking for a special gift idea that creates memories?! Birthdays, Team building, wedding parties, bachelor and bachelorette  parties, foodie get togethers, any reason you can think of, really.

Colleen's vast experience teaching and public speaking to groups of all sizes really shines when you get her to yourself so make sure to call and speak with her to customize a truly remarkable, memorable event! We've moved into Virtual experiences now as well. CLICK===>HERE

We are working on crafting these events and will get you all the info as they become available!  Stay tuned by joining our newsletter or Facebook page! 

Beautiful, handmade, artisan chocolates from Edmonton based Colleen's Chocolates. 



FB - ALL Events Calendar

  This Facebook events page is the single easiest way to keep track of where and when you can get your fix of Colleen's Chocolates. It's NOT just Facebook events - it encompasses ALL events and the page provides links to the events with more information like directions and maps and of course, specific info about what each event represents.