Wow!  How has it been 8 years?  No really - it seems like it's not been that long since I finished chocolate school with Ecole Chocolat and then continued to Melissa Coppel Atelier and yet here we are!

Lots has changed over the years and if you haven't had a chance to read all about it then check out our Substack article here.

Now, who doesn't love a great celebration?  So, we have a few things up our sleeve!  First, the Limited Edition bars are here but not for long!  We'll have them for you to grab and enjoy up to July.

If you head to our Instagram we are doing 2 super fun "thank you" giveaways so make sure to get yourself entered!  One will be this week (June 18th) and one will start next week (June 25th).  You can enter both Giveaways, they're both going to be awesome!

And, I have one more secret thing that we're doing over the next few weeks but it's a secret!

Thank you to everyone that has continued to be an amazing customer and when we say we really do appreciate you all, we really mean it!