Strawberries & Biscuits - Dark Chocolate V/GF


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Now vegan AND Gluten Free!!

******NOTE NOTE NOTE It's Nov 2023 and Colleen is seriously considering discontinuing the bar because one of the main ingredients jumped ... are you ready for this? ... TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY PERCENT?!!?!?? Ya. 260%. ya. Sosa in Spain you should be ashamed of your selves. So order now while we still have stock :(        I will keep you updated,   Jay 


For a while now I've been pondering...I ate a chocolate bar a while ago and it punched me in the face with it's flavour.  So, I thought I should make a bar that does that to people in a kind, sweet, and chocolatey way!  Here it is - my custom dark chocolate blend, with freeze dried strawberries INSIDE the whole bar, and then biscuits and more freeze dried strawberry pieces on the back of the bar.  It's a kick and then some!

Super in love with this bar!  When people ask what bar I love the most, well don't tell the other bars but this is the one that I would sit down and eat the whole thing in one sitting.  And, trust me that's not something I typically do but my tastebuds just keep asking for more!